Porta Brace MS-DSLR1 Messenger Style Camera Bag

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Porta Brace MS-DSLR1 Messenger Style Camera Bag The small black MS-DSLR1 is a shoulder bag... mehr
Produktinformationen "Porta Brace MS-DSLR1 Messenger Style Camera Bag"

Porta Brace MS-DSLR1 Messenger Style Camera Bag

The small black MS-DSLR1 is a shoulder bag for photographer who needs a compact, lightweight bag with plenty of space for gear. It's rated to hold your DSLR with a medium zoom lens attached as well as two, small, extra lenses in a bag that contains movable internal dividers. In addition, there's a small internal zippered pouch that can hold batteries, cables, adapters, filters, or other small accessories. To compliment that, the underside of the front flap contains three see-thru pockets that are sized for memory cards, personal ID, cleaning cloths, or other small items.

The bag is made from water-resistant 1000-D Cordura nylon. The front flap is designed for fast access to your gear with its strong snap buckle. The bottom of the bag has a neat little feature - a touch fastened, fold-out flap lined with anti-slid material to accommodate a small tripod or monopod.

The shoulder strap is wide and comfortable at the shoulder pad area. The entire strap is also removable as well as adjustable. Whether you're a pro or amateur, the Porta Brace MS-DSLR HDSLR Messenger Bag is sized for a day's casual shooting around town or a gig shooting a press conference.

MS-DSLR1 features

Water-resistant 1000-D Cordura nylon
Internal zippered pocket for small accessories
Three see-thru pockets on inside front cover for memory cards, ID
Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
Configurable interior dividers
Quick access snap buckle

Messenger Style Camera Bag includes

1 x HB-15 Black Flex Shoulder Strap
1 x PB-B6 Stuff Sack
2 x 5 x 3" Bendable Dividers
5 x 13" Bendable Divider
1 x Shoulder Strap

Technical data

Interior Dimensions 27.3 cm x 14.0 cm x 16.5 cm
Exterior Dimensions 33.0 cm x 16.5 cm x 21.0 cm
Weight 0.8 kg

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