PollySystem Polly Dolly Complete Set

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PollySystem Polly Dolly Complete Set SKU: 377757 Polly Dolly is an ultra-compact, portable... mehr
Produktinformationen "PollySystem Polly Dolly Complete Set"

PollySystem Polly Dolly Complete Set

SKU: 377757

Polly Dolly is an ultra-compact, portable and flexible solution for smooth tracking shots. The flywheel gear allows for ultra-smooth camera movements on level ground. Tracking shots that might normally require assistance from another person or a motion control device may now be executed by just one person with almost no prep time.

Polly Dolly is designed to create smooth and stabilized camera movements through the use of a flywheel made of high-grade steel; the new disengageable gear simultaneously accumulates kinetic energy and stabilizes movement. With a camera and video-head mounted on top (using included 3/8" adapter) you can achieve constant and ultra-slow tracking shots with a fingertip. Polly works well on every flat surface; a scale on the flywheel enables precision stop-motion dolly shots.

The Polly-Arm extends application possibilities considerably - vertical and horizontal adjustments, rotation in all directions - allowing you to position your camera within a range of approximately 3.3feet/1meter. Mount the camera directly on top of the arm or use connection plates of your choice. The removable counterbalance rod gives you the option to add sandbags or other weights for additional safety.

Polly Surface Track contains three adjustable elements to compensate for uneven terrain. Polly System Attachments - 100mm Bowl and 75mm Bowl Converter, Connection Plate, Euro Adapter Bridge, Arm Adapter - are built specifically for the product to allow multiple camera packages. Polly Surface Bag for Track (part number and individual pricing TBD) lets you transport the system with ease.

Set comes with the

Polly Engine
Polly Arm
Polly Surface "Track" + Track Bag

and all pieces needed to mount a camera.

Width 200 mm
Height 200 mm
Length 280 mm

Pieces listed below are sold separately

Polly Dolly Set - Engine, Arm, Track and Track Bag 377757
Polly Engine - Dolly Only 377758
Polly Arm - Arm Only 377759
Polly Surface "Track" - with Bag 377760
Polly 100mm Bowl Adapter 377761
Polly 75mm Bowl Converter 377762
Polly Connection Plate 377763
Polly Arm Connector 377764
Polly Euro Adapter Bridge 377765
Polly Tripod Platform 377766

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