Neway NWSP7OA 7 inch Monitor Screen Protector

neway nwsp7oa
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Neway NWSP7OA 7 inch Screen Protector Anti-Glare screen protector  for 7 inch... mehr
Produktinformationen "Neway NWSP7OA 7 inch Monitor Screen Protector"

Neway NWSP7OA 7 inch Screen Protector

Anti-Glare screen protector for 7 inch Monitor

Made of 100% imported PET material
No residue leaves on your LCD display when you remove it
Under normal daily usage, Screen protector could last for a long period of time without affecting it's smoothness and transparency because of the stiffness of the PET material

How to use it

1. Using the micro fiber cleaning cloth (provided) gently wipe away dust and fingerprints from the screen surface of the device
2. Take out the screen protector. Remove the mask 1 from the screen protector. Do not touch the sticky side but handle the screen protector from the sides and top
3. Carefully line up the screen protector with the device starting from any side. Then slowly and gently lay down the screen protector and pushing out the extra air at the same time to prevent the bubbles
4. After it's done, uncover the mask 2and then you are ready to enjoy your device

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