MTF EFFECT Control Unit 3 Kit

MTF EFFECT Control Unit 3 Kit
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MTF EFFECT Control Unit 3 Kit SKU: MTF EFFECT 3 Kit This new controller is now wireless and... mehr
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MTF EFFECT Control Unit 3 Kit


This new controller is now wireless and retains all of the features that made the MK2 so succesfull plus the addition of precise focus control. The kit comprises, control unit with antenna, reciever box with antenna, mounting backet with Arri type rosette fitting, control unit charger, any one of the MTF EFFECT adaptors, all in a Peli case.

One controller, with a choice of 4 mounts

AJA Cion (for the AJA Cion camera)
Sony FZ (such as the Sony F3 / F5 / F55)
Sony E (such as the FS100 / FS700)
Micro Four Thirds (such as the Panasonic AG-AF101 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT / Pocket Cinema Camera)

Your choice of one of the mounts as well as PIN cable is included in the kit, the additional mounts are sold separately

EF Full Exposure Control Terminal

Designed and built in England
Modular design
Wireless controller
Adjusts aperture in 1/8th stop increments
Displays focal length as well as aperture
Displays focal length while zooming
Displays aperture ramping while zooming (for lenses with non constant aperture)
Smooth focus control
External power via D-Tap or 4-pin Hirose*
Illuminated display
Powers lens stabilisation
Compatible with most Canon EF lenses, ALL Ziess lenses and most third party lenses
Works with existing EFFECT adaptors

MTF EFFECT MK3 includes

A Peli type carry case
Any one of the MTF EFFECT adaptors
A Rossete style mounting bracket for controller
A Charger for controller

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