Mole Richardson 6000 Watt Molequartz Spacelite Type 7291

Mole Richardson Spacelite
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Mole Richardson 6000 Watt Molequartz Spacelite 6K, 6-Light, Spacelite Type 7291 The Type... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mole Richardson 6000 Watt Molequartz Spacelite Type 7291"

Mole Richardson 6000 Watt Molequartz Spacelite

6K, 6-Light, Spacelite

Type 7291

The Type 7291 6000 Watt Spacelite brings to the Motion Picture Industry a more diversified lantern light. With the addition of a 6 circuit socapex connector, this unit can be powered and controlled with the existing socapex multi-circuit control system. There are 2 and 3 circuit adapters available or attach a socapex cable and have 6 circuits of control. This Mole Richardson Molequartz Spacelite lantern light with the black and internal silk can reflect a pool of light downward or just remove the outside black skirt for a full lantern effect. Each globe set is equipped with a safety screen.


HEAD: Mole Richardson Type 7291, 6,000 Watts
RATING: 120/240 volts. A.C. or D.C., 50 amps max.—6,000 Watts
SOCKET: Compressible single contact (2 per Globe)
CIRCIUT: 6-1,000 Watt Circuits with Male Socapex Panel Mount
CONSTRUCTION: Rugged, Sheet Aluminum
HANGER: Attached Chrome Plated Steel Chain
REFLECTOR: Alzak Aluminum
FINISH: High Heat Black Powder Coated Enamel
SIZE: 70.48 cm diameter
WEIGHT: 7.26 kg (Unit Only)
WEIGHT 15.42 kg (Unit with Skirt, Silk and Target)

ACCESSORIES (not included)

72935 Black Skirt
72936 White Skirt
72937 Target
72957 Diffuser Frame
G12100 Skirt Bag
72966 Socapex to 3 House Plug
72955 Socapex to 2-20 Amp Bates
72956 Socapex to 2-60 Amp Bates
72978 Socapex to 60 Amp Bates
72977 Half Black Skirt


58310 Socapex Cable—3 m
5836 Socapex Cable—7,62 m
5837 Socapex Cable—15,24 m
58311 Socapex Cable—22,86 m
5838 Socapex Cable—30 m
58312 Socapex Cable—45,72 m


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