Mole Richardson 12” Windmachine Moleffect Type 7971

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Mole Richardson 12” Windmachine Moleffect Type 7971 This  Mole Richardson 12”... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mole Richardson 12” Windmachine Moleffect Type 7971"

Mole Richardson 12” Windmachine Moleffect

Type 7971

This Mole Richardson 12” Windmachine can now be operated manually or off a DMX Control Console along with all your other lights and special effects. With the Mole Richardson´s new built-in DMX control panel you can daisy chain and signature many windmachines and control them in multiple combinations from a DMX Control Console. This unit can be operated with 120 or 240 volts A.C. or D.C. current and is designed to create maximum air-flow with minimum noise for Hollywood sound stage use. A solid state control varies the speed of the fan to produce wind effects from a light zephyr to a stiff breeze.

This Mole Richardson Windmachine is useful not only for routine wind effects, but also for dispersing snowflakes, creating a localized dusty breeze, etc. Radial vanes columnate air-stream, vanes may be removed for wide dispersion. At high speed the fan may be used to cool or ventilate a set or to clear smoke. The unit sets on the floor or mounts on a stand. Equipped with a Roll Bar for ease of handling.

Windmachine Moleffect SPECIFICATIONS

WINDMACHINE: Mole Richardson Type 7971
RATING: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 5 amps max
VOLUME: 1510 cubic ft. per minute
AIR VELOCITY: 2400 ft. per minute
MOTOR: D.C. brushless, totally enclosed, ball bearing, solid base, variable speed motor, mounted to housing by rubber flex-bolt mounts
SWITCH: Toggle switch with "OFF-ON" plate mounted on operating side of housing
CABLE: Attached 7.62 m, Type SO, 3 conductor #16 AWG (when ordering specify type of plug required)
CONTROL KNOB: Regulate fan speed, mounted on operating side of housing. Speed indicator dial numbered 1 through 10
ELECTRONIC MOTOR CONTROL MODULE: Mounted below motor support
FAN: Three-blade, 12 inch diameter
GUARDS: Welded steel wire
AIR GUIDE: Aluminum radial vanes columnate air flow
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet steel housing and steel wire guards
ROLL BAR: Tubular steel
YOKE: Tubular steel with removable 2.86 cm dia. steel yoke pin
DMX CONTROL PANEL: Built in—Used to decode the incoming digital signal (DMX) to 0-10V D.C. Output
FINISH: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel and Electroplated Guards
SIZE: 53.34 cm diameter, 46.99 cm length


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