Marshall V-LCD90MD

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Marshall V-LCD90MD 9" High Resolution Camera-Top Monitor with Modular Input/Output available... mehr
Produktinformationen "Marshall V-LCD90MD"

Marshall V-LCD90MD

9" High Resolution Camera-Top Monitor with Modular Input/Output available in three Configurations:DSLR Ratio Adjustment with 4 DSLR Ratio Presets

V-LCD90MD (No Module)
V-LCD90MD-O** (3G Output Module with two 3G-HDSDI outputs converted from the HDMI input. HDCP Compliant)
V-LCD90MD-3G (3G Input Module with loop-through)

The Next Generation of camera top monitors have arrived with the advent of the new Marshall Electronics Modular design Camera Top Series including the

V-LCD56MD 5.6"
V-LCD70MD 7"
V-LCD90MD 9"

monitors. Each of these models comes in a choice of three configurations.

The V-LCD90MD-3G includes the base unit with a preinstalled MD-3GE module providing an additional 3G/HD/SD-SDI input with loop-through.

The V-LCD90MD-O** version includes the base unit with a preinstalled MDO-3G module providing a 3G-SDI output converted from the HDMI input.

Finally the Marshall V-LCD90MD base unit comes with no preinstalled module. Modules can be added at anytime in the field by you the user. The new modular design allows you the user to determine what I/O combinations you want.

Building on the features that made the V-LCD70 series famous these models add even more user friendly features. New Icon driven Menu System, Waveform Display with dual Audio Bars, Front Panel Headphone output, Variable Pixel-to-Pixel function plus Marshall's industry leading PEAKING Filter now in four colors for easier focus assist make these monitors a must have appliance for serious photographers and videographers producers and directors alike.

This 9" monitor offers a high resolution 1280 x 768 LED Backlit IPS panel and standard features including a wide variety of formats and markers, 4 user-configurable front panel function buttons, RGB Check Field / Field Detect, RGB gain and bias control, polycarbonate screen protection. New features include multiple DSLR presets, six User Presets, Adjustable IRE Clip Guide, and Backlight control just to name a few.

All of these new MD series monitors come equipped with an HDCP compliant HDMI input with pass-through, a selection of 10 available battery adapters and a choice of one Input or Output module.


High Resolution 1280 x 768 White LED Backlit IPS panel
High Brightness 600-nit with Adjustable Backlight
On Screen Waveform / Stereo Audio Bar Display
Manual Gamma Adjustment
Adjustable IRE Clip Guide (Zebra Filter)
1/4"-20 mounts on all sides
Stereo Headphone Output (select a L+R Pair from the available channels)
6 Monitor Configuration User Presets
Custom Screen Markers
(choice of four colors and variable lines widths)
HDMI Pass-Through (HDCP Compliant)
HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect
New Peaking Filter (Choice of four color highlights and variable sensitivity)
False Color Filter
Four User Assigned Function Buttons with 32 possible uses
Pixel-to-Pixel Panning (Custom Pixel-to-Pixel Mode)
15:9, 16:9, 4:3, Pixel-to-Pixel modes
Input Crop with automatic scaling
RGB Check Field with Monochrome
Scratch Resistant Protective Screen
Variety of Optional User-Replaceable Battery Adapters available
Icon assisted Menu System

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