Adapter für Objektive / Contax Yashica C/Y Objektiv-Mount

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CY-EF-FC10 Fotodiox Contax / Yashica auf Canon EOS Adapter...
SKU: CY-EF-FC10 / This lens mount adapter allows Contax / Yashica (CY, RTS) Lens to fit on Canon EOS camera body. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operate...
53,55 € *
Nettopreis: 45,00 €
contax yashica to sony e-mount adapter Fotodiox Contax/Yashica C/Y to Sony E-Mount...
SKU: CY-SNE-P / This adapter allows Contax/Yashica (also know as C/Y) Lenses to fit on a Sony Alpha NEX E-Mount system camera body.
89,25 € *
Nettopreis: 75,00 €