JVC DT-X71F 7" LCD HDMI / HD-SDI / Monitor in "Wave"-Form

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JVC DT-X71F 7" LCD HDMI / HD-SDI / Monitor in "Wave"-Form The DT-X71 series monitors... mehr
Produktinformationen "JVC DT-X71F 7" LCD HDMI / HD-SDI / Monitor in "Wave"-Form"


7" LCD HDMI / HD-SDI / Monitor in "Wave"-Form

The DT-X71 series monitors provide an affordable high quality solution for field and studio applications. The DT-X71F is the most feature-rich model in the series. It is a 7-inch HDSDI/HDMI LCD monitor, with a high resolution 1024 × 600 panel, dual TALLY lights, image rotate and flip. It integrates a wide rage of professional functions including waveform, vector scope, RGB histogram, red/blue switchable peaking, focus assist, false color, blue only, zebra, rotate and flip, 16-ch HDSDI audio meter, time code, and internal color bars. 
The JVC DT-X71F accepts 2 HD/SD-SDI, 1 HDMI and 1 Composite video, and has 2 HD/SD-SDI loop through outputs, and 1 HDMI converted to SDI output. It's powered via a 4-pin XLR 12V DC connector or a snap-on 7.2V battery (optional).

Key Features

High resolution 7" LCD Panel: 16:9, 1024x600, 16.77 million colours, 900:1 contrast and H160°/ V160° viewing angles
Multiple inputs: HDMI converted to SDI output, 2 HD/SD-SDI, 1 HDMI, 1 composite input
2 HD/SD-SDI Loop through outputs
DSLR scale zoom in
Waveform (Y, Cb, Cr, R, G, B) and full scale
Vectorscope for both SDi and HDMI
Histogram (R,G,B)
Zebra stripes
Peaking focus assist (red/blue switch)
Blue only mode for hue and saturation adjustment
False colour mode for exposure setting
G sensor auto image flip
3 user definable front mounted function keys
SDI timecode
User editable video title
Front and rear 3-colour TALLY lights
Underscan/overscan switch
0 - 40° C working temperature
0 - 90% working humidity
Weight - 550 g
Dimensions: 192 mm x 139 mm x 47 mm

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