HedBox PB-PB300V V-lock Power Bank Set 300Wh

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HedBox PB-PB300V The HedBox PB-PB300V Power Bank set provide continuous power supply to all... mehr
Produktinformationen "HedBox PB-PB300V V-lock Power Bank Set 300Wh"

HedBox PB-PB300V

The HedBox PB-PB300V Power Bank set provide continuous power supply to all units, used in Studio environment, either on field. With use of the HEDBOX DC Power Cable RPC-DC4X4 XLR female to male (included in the kit) it provide valuable constant DC power supply for Video, Audio and Light equipment, with total independence of regular AC power supply. In the box:

1 x HedBox RP-DC100V Dual Simulatius UPS Battery Charger
2 x HedBox PB-D150V 154Wh V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

LED Display Screen

LED Display provides clear accurate and precise display of Power Status, charging status, Battery Chanel status, and Power Bank MODE. Displaying Power Bank mod (Adapter UPS LED Light ON) provides a clear insight into witch Chanel (CH1 or CH2) of power bank mode is active. With strong color light, the readout function is enabled in the dark.

Integrated locking support stand

The Power Bank unit is equipped with extra support stands, that is easy to operate . Provide extra stability with using only one battery in power bank mod.

2-ch Sequential Power Mode

The HEDBOX Power Bank offering 2-ch Sequential Power Mode. It allow operation with 1 or 2 Battery in the system. When using 2 Chanel Battery power bank, system will first use 1Ch Battery, and after the drain out the power, system will automatically change to the 2Ch, and provide continuously power supply with no delay in powering of your equipment.

DC Out 16.5V / 4.5A

With 4-pin XLR female connector on the front panel, power bank provide extra DC output for constant powering external units like Professional Camcorders, Video Monitors, LED Lights and others. Connected with HEDBOX RPC-DC4X4 XLR female to male cable (included in the kit), the power bank can be used as AC-DC adapter of DC 14.5V/4.5A, 75W output.

Technical data

Model : PB-PB300V Power Bank Supply System
AC Power In : AC 110 – 240V , 50/60Hz
Battery Mount : V-Lock and V Mount Battery Plate
Power Consumption : Max 85W
Power Capacity 1 : 6600mAh  / 98 Wh Single Chanel
Power Capacity 2 : 13200mAh  / 196 Wh Dual Chanel
DC Power Out : DC 16.5V / 4.5A / 75W
Power Connection Out : 4-Pin XLR
Battery Power Type : Li-Ion
Operating Temperature : –20°C to +45°C
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 124 x 114 x 445 mm
Weight : 2.50 Kg
Charging Method : RP-DC100V use advance Constant Current and Impulse Voltage charging Methods

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