F&V Spectra HD 4 EVF Monitor

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F&V SpectraHD 4 The F&V SpectraHD 4 SDI is a lightweight EVF monitor providing a HD... mehr
Produktinformationen "F&V Spectra HD 4 EVF Monitor"

F&V SpectraHD 4

The F&V SpectraHD 4 SDI is a lightweight EVF monitor providing a HD resolution screen (1280x720) for high-precision image evaluation with a viewing angle of 170°

The SpectraHD 4 can be used with a wide range of cameras from DSLR cameras to broadcast and movie cameras and will be equipped with custom camera profile settings, elaborately developed for each model

HDMI loop through as well as SDI loop through make it easy to share your signal with other devices and integrate any consumer camera into your professional workflow. And if you are not a fan of HDMI, use the build-in HDMI to SDI converte

The SpectraHD is the all you need tool for your shoot. Advanced features like Waveform, Vectorscope, focus assist, zebra pattern, image flip, range error, OSD time display, time code and many more - all squeezed in a powerful device.

Right from the start the SpectraHD 4 is packed with great features, but with time, it will only get better as we will work constantly to deliver free updates and improve it.

SpectraHD 4 features

HDMI to SDI loop through or conversion
Upgradable via USB
focus assist
zebra pattern
H/V image flip
Audio level meter
Range error
Time code display
DSLR Scale

What’s in the box

1 x Spectra HD 4 Monitor
1 x Ballhead Pro
1 x Coiled D-TAP Power Cable
1 x HDMI Cable, 40 cm (Type A HDMI angled to Type C Mini Hdmi)
1 x Cinecoil BNC / HD-SDI to angled BNC / HD-SDIcable 57 cm
1 x USB connection adapter cable (for software updates)

Firmware update

1. Bitte entpacken Sie die angehängte Datei auf einen mind. 4GB Fat32 formatierten USB Stick
2. Schliessen Sie mit dem mitgelieferten USB Kabel den USB Stick an Ihren F&V EVF
3. Schalten Sie den EVF ein (stellen Sie sicher, dass er genug Saft hat)
4. Während des Updates blinkt das rote LED, nach ca. 30 Sek. erscheint ein Dauerlicht
5. Jetzt könenn Sie den EVF wieder ausschalten
6. Entfernen Sie den USB Stick
7. Restarten Sie den EVF
8. Reseten Sie bitte auch die Einstellungen in der Firmware selbst mit: MENU -> SYSTEM -> Reset

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