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Freefly Astro Freefly Astro
Freefly Astro ist eine kompakte Industriedrohnenplattform mit RTK, 61-Megapixel-Sony-Kamera, LTE-Cloud-Konnektivität, Missionscomputer und mehr. Hinter Astro steht das Team von Freefly mit über 100.000 erfolgreichen kommerziellen...
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Freefly ALTA X is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding cinematic, professional, and industrial applications. Completely redesigned from the ground up, ALTA X is the next generation of the ALTA family
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SKU: 950-00074 / FREEFLY MoVI Carbon is a world’s first handheld and drone mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer. Integrated into the body of the MoVI Carbon is a Panasonic GH5S camera with a Fujinon XK20-120mm Cabrio zoom lens
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Freefly MoVI XL Reservation Freefly Movi XL Camera Stabilizer
SKU: 950-00071 / Freefly MoVI XL is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to capture stable imagery in the most demanding environments. / Full F/I/Z integration / Compatible with MIMIC, MoVI Controller / High performance GPS
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SKU: 950-00119 / MōVI Pro Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer. Freelfy MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created. It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use
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Freefly Bush Pilot Freefly Bush Pilot
SKU: 910-00239 / Freefly Bush Pilot is a compact knob that quick releases to the MIMIC. It gives users the ability to control Focus, Iris, or Zoom on MōVI Pro. Users can quickly change between axis of control via the MIMIC screen.
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FREEFLY MIMIC with Handlebars FREEFLY MIMIC with Handlebars
SKU: 950-00062 / FREEFLY MIMIC offers precise and natural control of the MōVI Pro. Using Freefly’s innovative MIMIC technology, the camera automatically and intuitively follows users movements. MIMIC features a long range 2.4 GHz...
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FREEFLY MoVI Pro Landing Gear FREEFLY MoVI Pro Landing Gear
SKU: 910-00198 / This FREEFLY MoVI Pro Landing Gear kit allows users to quickly add lightweight, robust, and aerodynamic landing gear to the MōVI Pro for use with the Freefly ALTA
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Nettopreis: 425,00 €
freefly lcd evf cable for red epic scarlet FREEFLY LCD / EVF Kabel für RED Epic / Scarlet
The lightest and most flexible cable of its kind, Freefly RED LCD/EVF cable sends a clean video feed from an LCD/EVF port to a RED LCD or EVF display
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Nettopreis: 411,00 €
freefly alta propeller FREEFLY ALTA Propeller 18"
Take to the skies with the proprietary propellers designed specifically for use with the Freefly ALTA. Folding carbon props ensure a lightweight setup with a small footprint and silicon bumpers in the prop adapter protect the props on...
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Nettopreis: 160,00 €
freefly alta vibration isolator cartridges FREEFLY ALTA Vibration Isolator Cartridges
ALTA payload vibration isolator cartridges feature different stiffnesses for different payload weights and can be changed out quickly without tools. Color-coded isolators allow for fast identification of the right cartridge set.
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freefly alta spare parts kit FREEFLY ALTA Spare Parts Kit
This kit is designed to provide an assortment of items that are useful for maintaining your Freefly ALTA in the field.
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