Freefly MoVI M5

Freefly MoVI M5
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Freefly MoVI M5 SKU: 950-00010 Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Handheld Camera Stabilizer... mehr
Produktinformationen "Freefly MoVI M5"

Freefly MoVI M5

SKU: 950-00010

Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Handheld Camera Stabilizer

Bring big-budget camera moves to your next production. The MōVI M5 applies Freefly's industry-leading stabilization technology to a system that delivers amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. Highly refined software and ultra lightweight construction define the Freefly MōVI M5, a stabilizer tuned for the latest DSLR video cameras and lenses packages weighing under 5 lb.  Long days requiring a variety of innovative shots becomes second nature and leads to results that simply wow the client. Professional build quality and industry-leading technology are now accessible to filmmakers facing any kind of project.

Freefly MoVI M5 Features

Enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability
Improved adjustable camera plate
Fully protected wiring
Simplified fully tool-less balancing
Inverted mode for more comfortable eye level camera angle
Quick release top handle to allow for rapid adjustment


Weight: 2.15kg
Camera cage dimensions: 130mm(L) x 180mm(W) x 120mm(H)
Maximum payload: 5lb / 2.27kg with compatible camera / lens combinations

MōVI M5 Package Includes

2 Batteries
Battery Charger
MōVI Stand

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