FotodioX C-318RLS Flapjack Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit

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Fotodiox Pro FlapJack LED Ring Light C-318RLS Rod Mounted, Bicolor Beauty Ring Light SKU:... mehr
Produktinformationen "FotodioX C-318RLS Flapjack Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit"

Fotodiox Pro FlapJack LED Ring Light C-318RLS

Rod Mounted, Bicolor Beauty Ring Light


10-Inch Round Ultra-thin, Ultra-bright Professional Dual Color Edge Light (Daylight/Tungsten) LED, Dimmable Photo/Video Ringlight Kit with Case, Batteries and Charger

FlapJack C-318RLS Features

130mm Lens Opening
Mounting Bracket for 15mm & 19mm Rod Systems
10-100% Power Dimmer Dial
Ultra-Bright LED Edgelights
3200-5600k Tungsten / Daylight Color Temperature
Color Rendering Index ≥85
Built-in Battery Life Indicator

Technical data

Color Balance
Tungsten ~ 3200k (±200)
Daylight ~ 5600k (±300)

Luminous Emittance
3200k - 260lx
5600k - 280lx

EV100 @ 1m1
3200k - 6.2 ΔEV
5600k - 6.5 ΔEV

Dimmable Range10-100% Dimmer Dial
Housing Dimension 9.9 inch diameter (25 cm) by ½ inch (1.3 cm) thick
Illumination Panel Dimension8.7 inch diameter (22 cm) - 5.9 inch diameter (15 cm)
Lens Opening Dimension5.1 inch diameter (13 cm)
Mounting Option Mounting Yoke for 5/8" Light Stand Stud
Power Supply 110-240v Power Supply Cable
Battery Option Included 2x NP-F740 Style Batteries (7.4v - 4400 mAh - 32.56 Wh)
Battery Run Time2 - NPF
50% Power ~ 6hrs 35min
100% Power ~ 3hrs 9min
Shipping Weight~ 8.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Fotodiox, Inc.
Warranty 24 Months

Kit Includes

C-318RLS Dimmable Ring Light Flapjack, 3200-5600k Color Temperature
2x NP-F740 Style Battery (7.4v - 4400 mAh - 32.56 Wh) w/ Dual Charging Cradle
110-240v Power Supply Cable
Rod Mountable Bracket for 15mm & 19mm Systems
Fitted Custom Padded Carry Case w/Shoulder Strap

Light Specifications Using UPRTek MK350N Spectrometer (Measured at 1 Meter Distance From Light)


1 Incident Exposure Reading ~ ISO100 1/60 f/1.2 (Sekonic L-358 @ 1m)
2 Battery run time is approximate. There are many variables that may affect run time including ambient temperature, age of battery, etc.

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