Entaniya Fisheye 220 Fisheye Objektiv

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Entaniya Fisheye 220 SKU: 4902129001004 The Entaniya Fisheye Serie s has features beyond... mehr
Produktinformationen "Entaniya Fisheye 220 Fisheye Objektiv"

Entaniya Fisheye 220

SKU: 4902129001004

The Entaniya Fisheye Series has features beyond any regular lens. The Entaniya Fisheye allows you to take unique wide-angle pictures because it takes photographs beyond it's field of vision.


The aspects of photography by 1/2.3 CMOS


The radius captured by Entaniya Fisheye utilizes a CMOS Sensor to the maximum.

Entaniya Fisheye 220 and 250 degrees capture a wide radius that is best for a panoramic VR in a 1/2.3 CMPS Sensor.

Using a standard 180 degree fisheye lens that is not able to capture the higher and lower aspects of an image, these parts will be missing when converted into a panoramic.

The Entaniya Fisheye 220 and 250 will be able to capture these images at approximately 190 degrees so that the images always come out as a flawless, seamless panoramic VR.

Mounting confirmed cameras

GoPro HERO4 BLACK (direct mounting)
Xiaomi Yi (direct mounting)
SJcam SJ5000 (direct mounting)
SJcam SJ5000x Elite (direct mounting)
Pentax Q S-1 (remove a IR cut filter and a Q-CS mount required)

Fisheye 220 Technical data

FOV 220 degrees
Mount Type M12 P0.5
Projection Equidistant
Aperture ratio F/2.0
Lenses10 Element Glass
Lens ED x 1
Image circle diamete:5.1mm:(220° x 220°)
AR coated○
Manufactured Made in Japan (except:caps)
Weight 52 g (without caps)

In the box

CS Mount Adapter
IR Cut Filter
Allen wrench



Sample photos



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