DJI Lightbridge

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DJI Lightbridge Professional Aerial Creation Flight controller: A2, WooKong-M Flying... mehr
Produktinformationen "DJI Lightbridge"

DJI Lightbridge

Professional Aerial Creation

  • Flight controller: A2, WooKong-M
  • Flying platform: S800 EVO, S1000, S900
  • Gimbal system: Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC, Z15-5D, Z15-GH3, Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD), Z15-5D III (HD)

Intermediate Or FPV Flying

  • Flight controller: Naza-M V2
  • Flying platform: Flame Wheel F450/F550, Phantom 2
  • Gimbal system: Zenmuse H3-2D, Zenmuse H3-3D



  • Built-in 2.4G remote control link
  • DJI multirotor flight controller required A2, WooKong-M, Naza-M V2, Phantom 2
  • The First All DJI 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink. Use with other low latency film making equipment for the best experience
  • Master-Slave Mode
    • One ground system sends control signals and receives video, additional ground systems receive only video.
  • Dual Video Input Support
    • DJI Zenmuse HD gimbal input support. Simultaneous HDMI and AV input support allows pilot monitoring and camerawork at the same time using just one system
  • Multiple Mobile Device and HDMI HD Display Support
    • Charges USB devices, increasing on-set functionality
    • USB 2.0 image data output for iOS and Android synchronization
    • Android 4.1.2 or above recommended
  • Advanced Security
    • Encryption ensures only authorized devices receive data. Encryption can be set up through the Lightbridge app
    • Multiple downlinks can be connected for parallel streaming. Each can work independently without interference


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