D|Focus Systems D|Focus V4

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D|Focus Systems D|Focus v4 The V4 has the same, “open gearbox” design as the previous models,... mehr
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D|Focus Systems D|Focus v4

The V4 has the same, “open gearbox” design as the previous models, but is improved thanks to our new, custom manufactured “hybrid” gears. These gears offer the same damped, low backlash, smooth feel of the V3 but with the durability of metal gears!

D|Focus Systems did away with the plastic rod mount found on the previous models in favor of an all CNC machined, single rod clamp, aluminum mount. This makes the new D|Focus V4 even smaller and more compact than the already small V3!

The D|Focus V4 is proudly made 100% in the USA. The New D|Focus V4 is the next evolution in the affordable follow focus design from D|Focus Systems.

D|Focus v4 Features

New custom manufactured hybrid gears - Plastic teeth molded over an aluminum hub gives the same smooth, damped, near zero backlash feel of the previous D|Focus with the durability of metal gears
New, all aluminum, CNC machined, single rod clamp with gearbox angle adjustment
New removable marking disc
Compatible with industry standard 15 mm Rods
Compatible with all industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod) lens gears
Industry standard accessory port on the knob for whips and cranks
Reversible gearbox – Set it up on either side of your camera
End user serviceable and upgradeable design
Lightweight: 0.13 kg
Compatible with practically all DSLR cameras, large sensor video cameras and 35mm adapter systems


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