Datavideo SE-700 HD-SDI & HDMI Switcher

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Datavideo SE-700 HD-SDI & HDMI Switcher SKU:2200-7000 The Datavideo SE-700 is a small,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Datavideo SE-700 HD-SDI & HDMI Switcher"

Datavideo SE-700

HD-SDI & HDMI Switcher


The Datavideo SE-700 is a small, cost-effective, high quality, HD digital video switcher with easy-to-use professional features. The SE-700 switcher offers two HD SDI and two HDMI inputs with embedded digital audio. Supported video formats include

720p / 50

Output options include; two assignable HD SDI and one HDMI output. These user defined output options can provide Clean PVW, Clean PGM, PGM with DSK overlay, PVW Out or Multi-view as well as Freeze, Still or Inputs 1~4. These SDI or HDMI outputs can be taken to other Datavideo products such as the HRS-30 HD field recorder, TLM-170G HD monitor and also be streamed to web based viewers using the Datavideo NVS-25 Video Streaming Server.

The SE-700 also features two Balanced XLR audio inputs for connecting an external audio mixer such as the Datavideo AD-200. Tally and RJ-45 interfaces allow the switcher to be remotely controlled from a Windows PC as well as providing tally light indications to crew and on screen talent via Datavideo’s ITC-100 talkback system.

When you consider the SE-700 is also capable of HD Chroma Key, Beißen Key, Down Stream Key, Picture In Picture, bis zu 32 Wipe transitions and three user defined Still frame stores it really is a small powerful HD video switcher!

Datavideo SE-700 Features

Video Input
2 x HDMI
2 x SDI
Video Output
2 x SDI
1 x HDMI (Multiview Display)
**Assignable Outputs
Audio Input
2 x XLR
**Embedded Audio Support

What is in the box

SE-700 Unit
Power Supply
Accessory List


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