Cinevate Duzi Slider v3

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Duzi Slider v3:

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Cinevate Duzi Slider v3 The solid carbon rails are guessed it SOLID. That means... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cinevate Duzi Slider v3"

Cinevate Duzi Slider v3

The solid carbon rails are guessed it SOLID. That means they're lightweight and strong. Guess what else is still solid, everything else on the Duzi Slider - anodized machined aluminum everywhere. Strong and reliable. That's what Duzi is

You demand better. Introducing the new Duzi Slider. Cinevate made the lock work anywhere on the rails. Cinevate made it tool-less and strong enough to lock down even the biggest rigs. You wanted longer but still compact. You got it. Cinevate Duzi Slider v3 now comes in two lengths

24 inches (60 cm) CIDUZIV3
32 inches (81 cm) CIDUZIV3XL

You want a motion timelapse shot with no belts, no batteries, no cords, no hassle. No problem.

Duzi v3 Features

Load capacity 120 lbs (54.43 kg)
Micro adjustable rollers increase precision of slides
Centre mounted ball feet to increase strength and stability Integrated
Bumpers on End Blocks Integrated bubble level
Crafted from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
Compact 24 and 32 inch lengths 8 precision roller bearings
Center and side mounting tripod options
Micro adjusting urethane ball feet
Lock easily secures camera anywhere on the rails
Cheesed-out top and bottom plate
Compatible with Modo – motion timelapse system

Kit Includes

2 x 15mm solid carbon rails
2 x End blocks
1 x 3/8" mounting stud
1 x Lock
6 x Urethane ball feet

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