camRade wetSuit WS Blackmagic Studio

camrade wetsuit blackmagic studio
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camRade wetSuit Blackmagic Studio SKU: CAM-WS-BMSTUDIO The wetSuit Blackmagic Studio is... mehr
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camRade wetSuit Blackmagic Studio


The wetSuit Blackmagic Studio is ideal for outside use with Blackmagic’s new Studio camera for live broadcasting.

The camRade wetSuit Blackmagic Studio slips onto the Blackmagic Studio camera easily and leaves the controls, ports and massive 10” viewfinder accessible for the user. The camera and the lens will be protected against foul weather. The wetSuit comes standard with one long lens protection cover and one short lens protection cover, making sure that any lens you might use will be well protected.

The noiseless cotton interior fabric, unique to the camRade wetSuit, reduces unwanted sound effects caused by wind and rain. You will receive the Camrade wetSuit and the lens covers packed in a waterproof fiddle case.

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