camRade camSuit PXW-Z450

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camRade camSuit PXW-Z450 SKU: CAM-CS-PXWZ450 This specific  camRade camSuit PXW-Z450... mehr
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camRade camSuit PXW-Z450


This specific camRade camSuit PXW-Z450 perfectly fits and protects the Sony PXW-Z450 camera. It’s a tailor-made Cordura® nylon, form-fitted camera cover, with foam padding on the inside for maximum protection.

Transparent vinyl windows allow a clear view on, and complete access to the controls. The cover also has a built-in rain cover to protect your equipment in bad weather conditions. This package includes two separate viewfinder covers. One for the CBK-VF01/VF02, and one for the DXF-20W, the HDVF-200/20A and the HDVF-C35W. In addition, a pouch for your wireless receiver is also supplied. It attaches to the back of the camSuit with hook and loop fasteners. This item will be delivered to you in a waterproof pouch with zipper, which you can use for storing and transportation when not in active use.

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