camRade camSuit PDW-700 / 800

camrade camsuit pdw-700/800
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camRade camSuit PDW-700 / 800 SKU: CAM-CS-PDW700-800 The camRade camSuits are... mehr
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camRade camSuit PDW-700 / 800

SKU: CAM-CS-PDW700-800


The camRade camSuits are ingeniously designed form-fitting camera covers. The CS PDW-700/800 camsuit perfectly fits the

Sony PDW-680 camcorder
Sony PDW-700 camcorder
Sony PDW-800 camcorder

The camSuit has a sparing for a wireless adapter such as the Sony CBK-WA100/101.

These customized camera protection camSuit PDW-700/800 is made from 100% Cordura and include extra foam padding on the inside. camSuits protect cameras from bumps and scratches. There is even a separate built-in rain cover that gives your camera additional 'foul-weather' protection when needed. The camRade camSuit allows you quick and easy access to all camera controls while giving your precious camera the ultimate out-door protection.

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