Camrade camBag HD Large

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Camrade camBag HD Large:

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  • SW11337
Camrade camBag HD Large The camBag HD large is equipped with an outside flat mesh pocket,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Camrade camBag HD Large"

Camrade camBag HD Large

The camBag HD large is equipped with an outside flat mesh pocket, three adjustable inside pockets and two mesh pockets inside the lid and plastic reinforced side that are resistant against even the most extreme conditions. The CB HD Large is equipped with two kinds of carrying options. A comfortable over the shoulder adjustable carrying strap with a suede pad and a suede hand grip. The outside of the bag is made of the highest quality available namely water resistant 1000 denier Cordura. The CB HD Large also has a PVC insert that makes the bag more rigidly. By using the PVC inlay the camRade bag has a long life span. The bottom of the bag is equipped with a protective armored plastic plate and on the outside you will find a non-slip cover, designed for protecting your camera even when you are placing it on the ground.

camBag HD Large Technical data

Exterior (L x W x H): 80 cm x 34 cm x 34 cm
Interior (L x W x H): 75 cm x 28 cm x 34 cm
Weight: 3.9 kg

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