CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head

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  • SW20027
CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head guarantees real professional drag... mehr
Produktinformationen "CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head"

CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head

CamGear V10 100mm Fluid Head guarantees real professional drag performance, selectable 4 positions pan & tilt drag including zero position, offers operators the silky smooth movement and precise framing and ensure fast change of drag. Selectable 6 position counterbalance system including zero position for camera up to12 kg. Thank to 0 position, the CamGear V10 head is able to support small DSLR configuration and fully configured HDV camera and camera with light ENG configuration. The CamGear V10 Fluid Head is equipped with mini Euro plate quick release system, which enables faster setup of camera.

CamGear V10 Technical data

Model Number V10
Maximum Payload 12 kg
Counterbalance Range 0-11 kg (at C.O.G 100mm)
Camera Platform Type Mini Euro Plate
Sliding Range 60 mm
Camera Plate 1/4", 3/8" screw & Pin
Counterbalance System 6 steps (1-6)
Tilt & Pan Drag 4 steps (1-4)
Tilt & Pan Range Tilt: +90/-75° / Pan: 360°
Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C
Levelling Bubble Yes
Weight 2.5 kg
Bowl Diameter 100mm

Payload Chart


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