CamDo Bullet Wired Remote for GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+

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CamDo Bullet Wired Remote for GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+ Using  CamDo Bullet is very simple.... mehr
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CamDo Bullet Wired Remote for GoPro Hero4 / Hero3+

Using CamDo Bullet is very simple. Just plug it into the camera and press the button on the Wired Remote. If the camera is off, it will turn on. If the camera is on and in photo mode, it will act as if you have hit the camera shutter button and take a photo. If in video mode it will start or stop video. Holding the button for more than 3 seconds will turn the camera off.

The CamDo Bullet is a low power GoPro accessory for the HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras that allows you to control the GoPro camera's power and shutter functions through the use of a wired push button remote. Bullet can be used to control a single camera or multiple cameras using a single remote. Each Bullet is purchased separately and has an input and output port, allowing the boards to be daisy-chained so that any number of cameras can be triggered simultaneously.

Each Bullet comes with a 1 foot patch cable for daisy-chaining between Bullet boards. If the cameras need to be placed further apart or you need a longer cable between the first bullet and the push button remote, we are offering extension cables at 3ft, 10ft, and 25ft lengths.

BULLET DOES NOT INCLUDE A PUSH BUTTON REMOTE. Be sure to also purchase a LED Wired Remote as a trigger for each set of Bullets.

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