Blueshape BV270HD Granite 2 Splash Battery

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Blueshape BV270HD Splash Blueshape BV270HD Granite TWO Splash Battery is a big sized... mehr
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Blueshape BV270HD Splash

Blueshape BV270HD Granite TWO Splash Battery is a big sized Hi-Rate discharge GRANITE SPLASH battery pack, IP65 rated. Blueshape GRANITE batteries are quite powerful. Audio-video equipment can draw up to 12 amps, between the main battery output and the 2 x D-taps on the sides. In addition to outputting 14.4 volts of power, either D-tap can serve to charge the battery with an optional D-tap charger. As an extra measure of protection, the D-taps have rubber covers that help maintain the IP65 resistance rating against moisture and dust ingress BV270HD SPLASH features a special design for achieving an IP65 rating, meaning that the battery resists water ingress from splashes and water jets such as from exposure to rain. Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
Nominal Capacity: 18.0Ah, 266Wh
Max. discharge current: 12A
GRANITE construction, robust, shockproof and IP54 certified
SPLASH series: IP65 rated, designed for outdoor use under continuous rain
Size: 171 mm x 95 mm x 69mm
Weight: 1.62Kg
NEW: enhanced contact protection for safer air transport

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