Benro S4 4Kg Video Head

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Benro S4 4Kg Video Head Compactness and light-weight performance are the key to the design... mehr
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Benro S4 4Kg Video Head


Compactness and light-weight performance are the key to the design and features provided on the new series of Benro Video Heads.

The Benro S4 Video Head supports up to a 4 Kg video camera. Built on a Magnesium alloy flat base with 3/8" threaded mount, they are ideal for virtually any tripod, monopod, ball adapter, slider or other support rig. Specially designed to be the perfect companion and part of every Benro

A2573FS4 Video Tripod Kit
C2573FS4 Video Tripod Kit
A48FS4 Video Monopod Kit

Benro S4 Techical data

Maximum Load 4 kg
Tilt Range +90 / -75 (Fixed Fluid Cartridge Balance)
Drag Control Lock
Panning Range 360°
Separate Panning Lock Yes
Quick Release (QR) Plate Slide-In Video (QR6) 1/4-20 & 3/8
Weight 0.7 kg

What is in the box

QR Plate QR6
Pan Bar Handle BS03

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