Benro MoveUp8 Compact Travel Jib

Benro MoveUp8 Jib
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Benro MoveUp8 Jib SKU: A08J23 Benro MoveUp8 Jib is a compact travel jib that supports... mehr
Produktinformationen "Benro MoveUp8 Compact Travel Jib"

Benro MoveUp8 Jib

SKU: A08J23


Benro MoveUp8 Jib is a compact travel jib that supports up to 8 kg and is easy to assemble as well as operate. This lightweight Benro MoveUp8 Jib allows you to achieve cinematic camera movements without breaking the bank. The MoveUp8 comes with a custom rolling grip case with a foam insert making this jib ready for any location.

Technical data

Maximum Load: 8 kg
Minimum Height: 166 cm
Maximum Height: 238 cm
Weight: 7 kg

In the box

Telescoping leveling arm
Telescoping tail
75mm Bowl Mount
Weight bar
Weight clips
Velcro straps (4)
Tie Down Adapter
Rolling Case

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