Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter

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Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio-Adapter SKU: DXA-MICRO PRO The BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO... mehr
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The BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO is packed with all the features you need to record high quality audio from virtually any source. Superb operation and ease of use to make capturing pro audio a snap. Since the audio is recorded directly to the camera, it will always in sync with the video, eliminating the need for any post production processing. The Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO is the missing link for connecting virtually mic to your camera.

Features a built-in XLR connector with phantom power for connecting any pro mic as well as two 3.5 mm mono and one 3.5 mm stereo mini-jacks with plug-in power for connecting any camera mounted mic such as the popular Rode VideoMics. You can also easily connect a wireless to either the XLR or mini-jack inputs. Connect two audio sources at a time for two channel recording. Each channel can easily be independently adjusted for the optimum recording level – even while recording. The DXA-MICRO PRO gives you the ability to connect whatever microphones work best for your situation.


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