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Back-Bone SIDEARM HERO5 BLACK TRIPOD MOUNT Back-Bone SIDEARM  accessory simply... mehr
Produktinformationen "Back-Bone SIDEARM HERO5 BLACK TRIPOD MOUNT"



Back-Bone SIDEARM accessory simply replaces the side door of the Hero5 Black and snaps on to provide three standard tripod mounting points. It’s fully compatible with the stock GoPro Hero5 Black as well as Ribcage H5M12 / H5PRO. Now you can connect your cameras to professional mounts and supports! Mount your camera upside down for easy access to the battery and SD card without having to dismantle your setup. It also allows two cameras to be connected back-to-back for 360 VR applications using our optional Sidearm Connection Kit. Connect two H5M12 or H5PRO cameras directly back-to-back for shooting 360° in 4:3 mode or connect them in a ‘V’ formation for shooting in 16:9 modes for higher frame rates and resolutions.


Supports GoPro Hero5 Black
Also supports Ribcage H5M12 & H5PRO Modified Hero5 Cameras
Three tripod mounting points
GoPro HDMI & USB cable support
Easy access to battery & SD card
Easily snaps on and off
Corner locks for added strength
Premium machined aluminum
Two back-to-back configurations possible
Perfect for 360 VR with 2 Ribcages

Note: Hero5 Black is not waterproof while Sidearm is connected

Package Includes

1x Sidearm Mounting Bracket
2x Corner locks
1x Socket screw
1x Allen Key


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