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Back-Bone H7PRO MODIFIED HERO7 BLACK Unleash the amazing new features of the GoPro Hero7... mehr
Produktinformationen "Back-Bone H7PRO MODIFIED HERO7 BLACK"


Unleash the amazing new features of the GoPro Hero7 Black by using your choice of lens! Back-Bone H7PRO is Compatible with M12-Mount, CS-Mount & C-Mount. Most other popular lens types can be mounted with optional adapters. Incredible HDR photos, live streaming video and industry leading HyperSmooth video stabilization. Karma ready with compatible M12 lenses. Also works with Entaniya ultra wide-angle fisheye lenses for 360° video capture. Comes with custom Back-Bone GOcase and Sidearm Tripod Mounting Bracket!

Back-Bone H7PRO features

Keep full 4K/60 resolution with narrow fields of view
Get professional looking defocused backgrounds
Live streaming
Next generation ‘HyperSmooth’ video stabilization
Use vintage lenses like Bolex & D-Mount
Optically correct fisheye distortion without processing
Focus, zoom and iris control for professional results not possible with the original fisheye lens
Add custom optical filters for your application
Create professional high resolution 4K/60 cinematic footage for less money
Fit a professional camera in a small space
Incredible macro
Shoot Infra-Red, NIR and NDVI (with appropriate lenses and filters)
Fit in small drones / gimbals
Connect to microscopes, telescopes and more

Sidearm Tripod Mounting Bracket Included!

Our Sidearm accessory simply replaces the side door of the HERO5/6/7 Black and snaps on to provide four standard tripod mounting points. It’s also fully compatible with the stock GoPro HERO5, 6 & 7 Black as well as our H5M12, H5PRO, H6PRO & H7PRO modified cameras.  Note: Stock camera is not waterproof while Sidearm is connected.

Professional shooting

Use a cost-effective C-Mount lens or attach your favorite SLR lens with an adapter. Use vintage glass like Bolex and Super-8. Pull focus, zoom and control iris settings for the perfect look. With the built in exposure lock and manual exposure controls of the HERO7 you can get a perfect, repeatable result. All that in a tiny package you can fit almost anywhere to get the shot.

Drones / Gimbals

The Ribcage H7PRO is Karma ready when using small M12 lenses and can be mounted to other Hero5/6/7 aerial platforms and gimbals. Customize your field of view by choosing your own lens, no need to lower the resolution for more zoom!

360° Video Capture

Fully compatible with Entaniya, iZugar and many other high resolution circular fisheye lenses for full spherical capture with fewer cameras. Get a full 360° capture with as little as 2 cameras or 360° x 280° with one camera! Get super crisp results from just one camera using the new 4K 4:3 mode! Max 5.7K/60 when stitching two cameras.

The Flexibility of C-Mount

C-Mount was developed in the 1920’s for early film cameras. It was popular for home video cameras up until the 1970’s and has since become the standard for high resolution security and machine vision cameras and lenses. As a result, there is a library containing countless lenses from almost 100 years. In addition, it’s a common mount type for professional scientific and medical imaging equipment so you can attach your camera directly to many telescopes, microscopes and more! Another benefit is that C-Mount is so common that adapters exist for almost every lens type you can think of.


MP4 Video
3840 x 2880 /24/25/30 fps
3840 x 2160 /24/25/30/50/60 fps
2704 x 2028 /24/25/30/50/60 fps
2704 x 1520 /24/25/30/50/60/100/120 fps
1920 x 1440p /24/25/30/50/60 fps
1920 x 1080 /24/25 /30/50/60/100/120/240 fps
1280 x 960 /50/60 fps
Still Image
12MP (4000 x 3000) RAW / JPG / HDR


Hypersmooth video stabilization
Live Streaming
SuperPhoto HDR
Portrait Video/Photo
Voice Control
Manual Exposure Control
Exposure Lock
Electronic Image Stabilization
Integrated Touch Screen
Quik Integration

Package Includes

Ribcage H7PRO Modified Hero7 Black
Sidearm Tripod Mounting Bracket
Frame Mount
2x 650nm IR-Cut Filter
5mm C-Mount ring
M12 to CS adapter
M12 locking ring
Original Hero7 lens
Hero7 lens adapter ring
Plastic cap
USB-C Cable
Curved adhesive mount
Flat adhesive mount
Mounting buckle


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