AVtec XHD070Pro 7” HD DoP Monitor 4K

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AVtec XHD070Pro The AVtec XHD070Pro is a professional, very lightweight and ultra-thin... mehr
Produktinformationen "AVtec XHD070Pro 7” HD DoP Monitor 4K"

AVtec XHD070Pro

The AVtec XHD070Pro is a professional, very lightweight and ultra-thin On-Camera monitor with a 7" IPS LCD high quality display. This field-monitor enables you to focus clearly on your shots and eliminate the guesswork from framing. It blows up your tiny built-in camera screen to a much larger display that enables easier viewing and won't strain your eyes.

Connect it directly to any DSLR or HD/4K video camera through HDMI and monitor your shots in 1280x800 resolution. It supports both NTSC and PAL compatible signals. With brightness levels of 400 cd/m2, a 800:1 contrast ratio and 178° vertical and horizontal viewing angles, it’s a great tool for photographers and videographers.

Analyze focus, exposure, and other characteristics with Histogram, False Color, Exposure (Zebras), Focus Assist, Pixel-to-Pixel, and altogether over a dozen features. Assign often-used menu functions to one of the four function buttons on the front panel for quick and easy access.

The focus and exposure-assist features mentioned above are only some of the image control features available on the monitor. The entire set of professional functions consists of the following 12 functions; Histogram, False Color, Exposure (Zebras), Focus Assist, Center Marker, Safe Frame, Check Field, Camera Mode, Aspect Ratio, Image Flip, Pixel-to-Pixel and Image Freeze.

The monitor also features an on-screen multilingual menu where you can adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation etc., to fine-tune your display. The default aspect ratio is 16:9 but you can easily switch to 4:3, Panorama or Automatic in the menu. For audio monitoring, the XHD070Pro features a built-in speaker on the rear and a headphone output on the front panel.

Included in this box

1 x AVtec XHD070(Pro) On-Camera Field Monitor
3 x Battery bracket for NP-F, BP-U & LP-E6 batteries
1 x AC/DC Combi adapter with EU, US, UK & AU plugs
1 x Sun hood attachment & detachable sun hood 1x Ball head with 1/4" camera screw
1 x HDMI cable & HDMI plug lock
1 x Operational manual

AVtec XHD070Pro Functions

False Colors
Exposure (Zebras)
Focus Assist
Center Marker
Safe Frame
Check Field
Camera Mode
Aspect Ratio
Image Flip


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