AVtec XHD070 Ultra-thin 7" HD Field Monitor

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AVtec XHD070 The AVtec XHD070 7” LCD On-Camera monitor is one of the best monitors of its... mehr
Produktinformationen "AVtec XHD070 Ultra-thin 7" HD Field Monitor"

AVtec XHD070

The AVtec XHD070 7” LCD On-Camera monitor is one of the best monitors of its kind. Thanks to AVtec’s good price-quality ratio, many professional photographers and videographers choose for AVtec. The ultra-thin & lightweight AVtec XHD070 enables you to focus clearly on your shots and eliminate the guesswork from framing. It blows up your tiny built-in camera screen to a much larger display that enables easier viewing and won't strain your eyes. With brightness levels of 400 cd/m2, a 800:1 contrast ratio and 178° vertical and horizontal viewing angles this monitor is a useful tool when shooting video or stills, providing you with a larger image than your camera's built-in viewfinder or LCD screen.

The monitor XHD070 comes with three interchangeable battery brackets for Canon LP-E6, Sony NP-F & BP-U batteries. Don’t be afraid losing the bracket or being disconnected from the monitor, 4 screws keep the bracket and battery in place. Do you prefer using a AC/DC adapter? No problem! The monitor standard comes with a power adapter supplied with 4 interchangeable plugs for international use in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand.

The AVtec XHD070 incorporates a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole and includes a ball head accessory that allows you to mount the monitor directly to your camera's hot/cold shoe. Also included is a 36" HDMI to HDMI Mini cable with a HDMI plug lock, valuable for using the AVtec XHD070 with camcorders, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with Mini HDMI outputs.


Center Marker
Safe Frame
Check Field
Camera Mode
Aspect Ratio
Image Flip
Image Freeze


1 AVtec XHD070 7" IPS Monitor
3 Battery bracket for NP-F, BP-U & LP-E6 batteries
1 AC/DC combi adapter with EU, US, UK & AU plugs
1 Sun hood attachment & detachable sun hood
1 Ball head with 1/4” camera screw
1 HDMI (to HDMI mini) cable & HDMI plug lock
1 Operational manual


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