Alphatron Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65

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Alphatron Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65 ALP-MB-SW-4x5.65 The Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65 has a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Alphatron Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65"

Alphatron Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65


The Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65 has a diameter of 143mm, for use with bigger lenses. This mattebox also provides room for three 4x5.65”(Panavision) filters and sideflags. It is the ideal mattebox for the Canon EOS C300/C500, Sony PMW F5/F55 and the ARRI ALEXA/AMIRA. The swing-away bracket enables you to easily change lenses without having to disassemble the mattebox. An optional Side flag kit for this mattebox is available.

The Alphatron Mattebox 4x5.65 can also be used as a clip-on mattebox, by disassembling the swing away bracket and stretch donut.

Main features

For use with three 4x5.65 (Panavision) filters
Fits lenses up to 143mm in front diameter
Integrated side flags hinges in the hood
Integrated filter lock
Internal brows for customized lens flare reduction
Swing away bracket for 15mm rods
Flexible stretch donut (138 143mm)
Top flag / French flag included
Also available as clip-on kit

What is included in the product box?

1x Alphatron Mattebox 4x5.65"
1x Swing away bracket
1x Flexible stretch donut 143mm
2x 4x5.65" wide filter frame
1x wide standard top flag

Mattebox Swing away 4x5.65 Ideal for

Canon EOS C300/C500
Sony PMW F5/F55
Blackmagic URSA

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