Alphatron Mattebox Clip-on 4x4

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Alphatron Mattebox Clip-on 4x4 ALP-MB-CO-4x4 The Mattebox Clip-on 4x4 is compatible with... mehr
Produktinformationen "Alphatron Mattebox Clip-on 4x4"

Alphatron Mattebox Clip-on 4x4


The Mattebox Clip-on 4x4 is compatible with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114 mm. The mattebox clips directly onto the lens. This advanced compact mattebox, includes one fully rotatable 4x4 filter frame, one non rotatable 4x4 filter frame and a French flag. An optional Side flag kit for this mattebox is available.

Step down rings available from 114-110, 114-105mm, 114-98mm, 114-95mm, 114-87mm and 114-85.

Main features

  • Leightweight
  • For use with up to two 4x4" wide filters (1 fully rotatable)
  • Fits lenses up to 114 mm in front diameter
  • Integrated filter lock
  • Internal brows for customized lens flare reduction
  • Top flag / French flag included
  • Also available as rod support kit

What is included in the product box?

  • 1x Alphatron Mattebox 4x4
  • 2x 4x4" wide filter frame
  • 1x 310 mm wide standard top flag
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